St. Petersburg - Rules of Power

for a couple in Brno

Free in-room:

  • Maximum privacy for just the two of you. You won't meet any attendants.
  • You control an exciting audio story from pro writers yourself with a tablet, as well as music and light (available in both Czech and English versions).
  • You choose the speed of the story for yourself, as well as the intensity of related activities.
  • Bottle of quality sparkling wine.
  • Instructions and everything to prepare 2 mixed drinks.
  • A treat to eat from your partner's body.
  • Costumes and a range of aids to try (all disposable or thoroughly disinfected).
  • A ticklish variation of the black jack.
  • The golden cage of the secret order.
  • Decadence-style bustling spaces.
  • Sleeping in a luxurious bed with a huge mirror.
  • A ticklish gift to take home.
  • Tasty treats and mini bar at friendly prices.
  • Just a few surprises for an even better experience.

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St. Petersburg - Rules of Power

Welcome to a world that has forgotten conventions and barriers. Rise to dangerous challenges and become members of the prestigious concealed order. Taste a cup of pain and pleasure and enjoy an intimate moment in the midst of a luxurious design environment.

Live out the brave story of the Chosen Two and walk together through a range of unremarkable trials to the very top.

There's no time for questions. Enter where instincts and emotions trump everything else.

Room reservation: St. Petersburg - Rules of Power

May 2023
Martina Faitová

"Navštívili jsme pokoj St.Petersburg „Pravidla moci“. Už od vstupu do pokoje jsme zapomněli na čas. Ohromil nás design pokoje i technologické vychytávky. Vyladěné maličkosti byly skvělé. Zadaný program nás bavil. V pokoji byla neskutečně pohodlná postel. Nejraději bych si ji odvezla domů. Celý pobyt byl jedním slovem ZÁŽITEK. Opravdu to splnilo představy nad očekávání. Určitě doporučujeme!!!"

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Lenka Musilová

"Originální nápad. Krásné prostředí, které vás ihned vtáhne do děje. Vše promyšleno do detailu. Jakmile zkusíte jeden z pokojů budete chtít vyzkoušet další. Doporučuji :)"

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Jan Linhart

"Zážitek, který stojí za to minimálně jednou v životě prožít. Určitě budu zkoušet všechny pokoje. Pokud vás nudí šeď a stereotyp, tak doporučuji všemi deseti."

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Eliška Nováková

"Krásně promyšlený koncept ubytování. Zábava a zároveň zážitek v jednom. Doporučuji na noc. Vyplatí se to :)"

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Cleanliness comes first

Each corner of the room is thoroughly cleaned and desinfected before your arrival. The proprs are either disposable (single-use) or washed, deep cleaned and desinfected.

Perfect privacy

You can enter the room by entering the door code. You will not meet any staff. OROOM is located in a quiet street, where you will not be disturbed.

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