India - Forbidden Love

for a couple in Brno

Free in-room:

  • Maximum privacy for just the two of you in our largest room - an imaginary luxury palace. You won't meet any attendants.
  • A magical audio story from pro screenwriters you control yourself with a tablet, as well as music and light (available in both Czech and English versions).
  • You choose the speed of the story for yourself, as well as the intensity of related activities.
  • A series of romantic and ticklish activities framed in the story..
  • All the ingredients and instructions for 6 refreshing drinks in the form of a traditional Indian lassie, which you make yourself.
  • Instructions and everything for the perfect rose tea ritual.
  • Small snacks for eating from the body.
  • Gold bath for a special task.
  • Instructions and scented oils for sensual massage.
  • Question Game.
  • Erotic edition of a lady.
  • Historical edition of kama sutra.
  • Costumes and jewelry to try on.
  • Sleep in a luxurious canopied bed with a top mattress.
  • Indian and European delicacies and a mini-bar at friendly prices.
  • Just a few surprises for an even better experience.

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India - Forbidden Love

Enter oriental India. There will be two engaging scenarios, from which you and your partner can choose. Or gradually enjoy both in a stylish environment.

Do you feel like living out the oriental story that thousands of couples still experience today who are not allowed to be together? Do you plunge into a risky relationship of people from different castes and commit yourself to the full forbidden love, or do you choose a story of dominance and succumb to the affection of the sovereign?

Embark on a journey through space-time and awaken attraction to each other in new roles.

Enjoy a ingenious story line with activities for hours of fun for 2 full of oriental romance, discover the Taj Mahal gems with your partner, and above all,enjoy each other.

Audio sample

Room reservation: India - Forbidden Love

May 2023
Jana Svitavská

"Absolutely perfect. Precisely crafted story into the tiniest details - the little delicacies to eat, the games, the costumes, the room equipment. And a bed where I slept like I have never before."

Review taken from Google

Eliška Navrátilová

"For us, total TOP! You come to a beautiful room where you already breathe a wonderful atmosphere on you in the first few seconds. The story is excellently crafted, the musical subplots are great and the overall entertainment is excellent. I won't reveal more, but really from start to finish an amazing experience and one hundred for it I recommend to everyone. This was a night to remember for a long time."

Review taken from Google

Šárka Vodičková

"Even when we entered the room we felt like we were in another world, the atmosphere was amazing. We chose Forbidden Love, where we had two variants of the story to choose from. The story was brilliantly crafted, and the evening had gone by far too quickly. I'm sure I haven't been here the last time 😊"

Review taken from Google

Tereza Havelková

"OROOM prepared for us an unusual and very pleasant experience. I enjoyed the beautiful exotic interior, many available props, costumes and accessories and especially I appreciated the well-prepared story. We were not bored for a single moment."

Review taken from Google

Cleanliness comes first

Each corner of the room is thoroughly cleaned and desinfected before your arrival. The proprs are either disposable (single-use) or washed, deep cleaned and desinfected.

Perfect privacy

You can enter the room by entering the door code. You will not meet any staff. OROOM is located in a quiet street, where you will not be disturbed.

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