Havana - Cuban Temptation

for a couple in Brno

Free in-room:

  • Maximum privacy for just the two of you. You won't meet any attendants.
  • A riveting audio story from pro screenwriters you control yourself with a tablet, as well as music and light (available in both Czech and English versions).
  • You choose the speed of the story for yourself, as well as the intensity of related activities.
  • Instructions and everything necessary to prepare Cuba libre and 12 more drinks in total.
  • Paired body shot, which you can try on the bar with all ingredients and instructions also free of charge.
  • Heated lava stones, ice and a special task.
  • Arrows and Cuban dominoes with video instructions.
  • 10 photos into a retro Polaroid camera with a task.
  • Costumes to try on.
  • A sleepover in a bed suspended by ropes with a top mattress (easy to anchor to the ground).
  • Cuban and European tasty treats and a mini bar at friendly prices.
  • Just a few surprises for an even better experience.

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Havana - Cuban Temptation

Welcome to the tiny island near Cuba, where you were trapped for some time by a raging storm. Relive the romantic story of an unexpected encounter between a Cuban bartender and an American touristwho will probably never see each other again after tonight. Do you?

The atmosphere in the deserted bar changes, and after a while it dawns on both players that nothing is what it seems.

Head to a Caribbean adventure with your partner. A ingenious story line with activities for hours of entertainment for 2 and design spaces that offer both dreamtime and space for hidden fantasies. Above all, you enjoy each other and discover new dimensions of mutual attraction.

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Room reservation: Havana - Cuban Temptation

May 2023
Lucie Szalonnásová

"S přítelem jsme byli ubytováni v Havaně a bylo to naprosto úžasné. Míchání drinků a aktivity nás neskutečně bavilo, vše promyšleno do detailu. Oceňuji možnost výběru hudby i osvětlení. Všem doporučuji!"

Review taken from Google

Jaroslav List

"Pobyt v pokoji Havana byl příjemným zpestřením předvánočního shonu. Drinky na celý večer zdarma"

Review taken from Google

Lenka Klímová

"Skvěle investované peníze i čas do toho nejcennějšího - do vztahu. Alespoň na chvíli se nám podařilo odcestovat na dalekou Kubu a nechat starosti doslova za dveřmi."

Review taken from Google

Kateřina Pařízková

"Od prvního momentu, kdy jsme se doslova ocitli na Kubě, bylo jasné, že to bude jízda. Z pokoje se nám pryč nechtělo a rozhodně se hodláme vrátit a vyzkoušet japonské i indické dobrodružství! Celkově jsme opravdu nadšení, takové vzrůšo fakt přišlo vhod!"

Review taken from Google

Cleanliness comes first

Each corner of the room is thoroughly cleaned and desinfected before your arrival. The proprs are either disposable (single-use) or washed, deep cleaned and desinfected.

Perfect privacy

You can enter the room by entering the door code. You will not meet any staff. OROOM is located in a quiet street, where you will not be disturbed.

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